They Can Who Think They Can

Positive Thinking is not always best , It is all about accepting that whatever happens , happens for the best

There are two different ways of looking at challenges in life. One is to look upon them as obstacles in our path which cannot be overcome. The other is to look upon them as opportunities to learn and prove our strength of spirit. This is essentially the difference between a loser and winner.

Sourav Ganguly is respected as one of the most successful cricket captains in India today. Perhaps not many people in the present generation know that he was thrown out of team after his series against Australia in 1991. Ganguly did not lose hope and bounced back with a century at Lord’s when he was recalled to the team. He became an icon in international cricket. Rahul Dravid declared him as the ‘God of the offside’ and by Geoffrey Boycott termed him ‘The prince of Calcutta’.

The famous Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan was rejected for a job in All India Radio because they thought his voice was not good enough. He did not give up and today his baritone echoes throughout the Indian subcontinent and is universally admired.

The examples given above are those of people very well-known to the twenty first century crowd. If we go back in time; we shall come across examples of people who dared to be different and succeeded. When Akbar sat on the throne of Hindustan, he was thirteen years old and surrounded by enemies who coveted his crown. But he managed to hold on to his crown. But he managed to hold on to his crown while defeating all his foes. In addition to nerves of steel, one must admit that he also had the able guidance of Bairam Khan.

Indian captain Virat Kohli scored his 27th Test century during the pink-ball Test against Bangladesh in Kolkata.

Even Indian Skipper Virat kohli said once in an Interview that , “2014 (England tour) would always be a milestone in my career. Lot of people take good tours as a milestone, but for me the bad tour of 2014 was always going to be the milestone in my career. I thought things might go really bad very soon in my career,”


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